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We believe that everyone who wants to work should be able to regardless of their age.

It’s simple really – many people over 50 have no desire to retire.


We are all living longer, healthier lives than previous generations: indeed, those aged 50 and over have made up nearly 80 per cent of the total employment growth in the UK over the past decade.


There are many reasons our members want to keep working, whether full or part-time, both financial and social: to supplement their savings while contributing to the economy, to maintain a ‘sense of purpose’, to feel like they are active participants in their community and wider society, and to share the benefit of their invaluable lifetime’s experience in workplaces up and down the UK.


For employers, hiring from this mature talent pool means they can hire someone experienced (with specialist expertise when required), hire someone loyal and reliable with well-developed soft skills, reduce employee turnover and reap the numerous benefits of incorporating older workers into multi-generational teams in their organisations - including mentoring, creativity and innovation, Diversity & Inclusion compliance, in turn enhancing their employer brand.

Yet sadly, research shows that over 50s job applicants are still often discriminated against.  So since 2012 No Desire To Retire has been uniquely dedicated to working on behalf of older people, championing and advising on the value they contribute to the UK’s multi-generational workforce, to ensure it is recognised and realised by both our members and the employers we work with.

And we’ve come a long way: establishing ourselves as a nationally recognised and highly-respected brand, with over 30,000 members and around 300 employer relationships across the UK. But we also know we have a long way to go.

There is a wealth of untapped over 50s talent in the UK – a hidden asset representing millions of years’ worth of accrued experience and expertise.   That's why in 2020 with our understanding of jobseeker and employer needs in this space, and the respective challenges and opportunities that it provides, we launched Experients, our site dedicated to exclusively placing over 50s talent with age-inclusive employers. 

Join us now if you are looking for career advice or work, or looking to hire from our experienced pool of members or want work with us to be part of our journey going forward. 

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