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The 12Ps of Positive Interviewing


Planning and Preparation - This means understanding what the Interviewer(s) actually want and what they are looking for.  Know where they are located and how you will get to the interview. Practise and polish your performance.  Yes, it is a performance; you are on the stage and the audience will either clap you or boo you.  Know your lines.  Rehearse – have a full dress rehearsal.​

Punctuality.  Be early.  Stand up in Reception and refuse refreshments (otherwise you may be distracted mid interview.)  Notice what is going on and what the environment is like.


Presenting Yourself.  You have 7 seconds to make a Positive Impact. Check your appearance, confirm you are well turned out and are dressed appropriately.


Posture.  Always try and adopt a good posture, and don’t over gesticulate. Be completely engaged and alert with your interviewer.  If facing a panel interview, turn in your chair to face the person asking the question.


Person to Person.  In the final analysis, the decision to hire you will be based on a combination of ‘Do I like this person?’  Can I see myself and my team working with you? Will you get the right results?’  This means that they are hiring a person– so, let them see your personality.


Pleasantries.  Be prepared for a period of pleasantries before the main part of the interview commences.  But do not misunderstand this part – you are being judged and evaluated all the time.


Politeness. Of course you will be polite during the interview.  But afterwards, send a thank you letter or email.  It might just make the difference.  Do not use first names during the interview unless specifically given permission to do so.


Professionalism.  Your CV will have opened the door to the interview but it will not by itself highlight your professional life, qualifications and achievements.  Prove you have achieved successful results in the past and identify how this experience will be relevant in the future.  Use the phrase ‘This means that…..’


Persuasion.  All interviewers start off by wanting you to prove them wrong – and that you ARE suitable and what they are looking for.  Do not be put off if asked challenging questions or being grilled.  Stay calm, stay focused and give short but relevant answers.


Pause ………  A short ‘thinking pause’ of no more than 4 seconds will allow you to get your thoughts together and will give the rightful impression that you are being thoughtful and considered.  Never interrupt the interviewer or finish a sentence for them.                    

Platform.  You may have to attend a number of interviews to secure the right position.  Never be critical about former employers – always be positive.  When told you have not secured the job – take out as many positives as you can from the experience and thus use every occasion it as a platform for a future success.


The 12th Positive is YOU!.  Would you hire a negative person? Knowing that you can do this job and that you want to do this job will help you come across as a positive person.


Good luck


About the Author           

Duncan Christie-Miller is an experienced life coach and business trainer. He is the founder of Future Life Today, an online coaching programme.

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The 12th Positive is YOU! Knowing that you can do this job and that you want to do this job will help you...

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