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 why the new site?

Welcome to our new site

If you have visited before, you will see we’ve made some changes to our site, but not why we are here.

What hasn’t changed

We remain committed to helping over 50s get back into work and to help promote the experience and talent of this demographic.  We remain committed to advising on and promoting the benefits of mature experienced talent to organisations, whether in the public sector or the private sector, and to society in general.

What has changed

The main change is that we have separated out advice and advocacy about over 50s talent which remains here at No Desire to Retire, and we have now launched a dedicated recruitment and resourcing brand for over 50s at Experients.  

What this means is that No Desire to Retire will now offer a showcase of older worker talent, alongside advice and a library of resources for both over 50s jobseekers and age-inclusive employers looking to source experienced talent for their organisation. Meanwhile through Experients, we will be able to promote, and actually place, our members directly into roles with the organisations that we work with. 

Other changes to the No Desire To Retire site:

  • Our new site will enable us grow our membership more effectively and better engage with our over 50s community.

  • Our new site also allows us to refresh our resources section more quickly and frequently with new content to benefit you.

  • We have created a dedicated media resource (and new section) to help us spread the word and promote the benefits of over 50s talent to a wider audience up and down the UK.

Why the changes


​We feel these pro-active changes will better support us in our mission to increase older worker participation in the workplace and embed them into the fabric of the UK’s multi-generational workforce.


Specifically, Experients is uniquely dedicated to sourcing over-50s experienced workers for age-friendly employers. So as a jobseeker, you can be assured your experience and skills will be considered on these terms and carefully matched to relevant and appropriate roles.  As an employer, you can be assured that we will source and provide the quality, experienced, work-ready talent you are seeking for your organisation.


What this means for you

If you are seeking work and are ready to begin the search for a new role (including an up to date CV), then please register your CV!

If you are an employer looking to hire experienced talent and/or create an age-inclusive workplace, please get in touch

If you are still at the stage of seeking advice - and inspiration - you are in the right place! Have a look at our resources pages. If you have any questions or wish to discuss anything then do get in touch

Plus we are always looking for people to help us in our mission, write resources and articles and help us promote the benefits of older workers, so if you are interested in helping out, please contact us.

We hope you like what you see. 

CV ready? Next step...

Discover the new site

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